15 Weird And Wacky Coffins

Death and funeral are awkward subjects that we often try to ignore. However, here’s a creative and innovative take on the scariest aspect of a funeral or burial, that is, the Coffin.

A coffin, also known as a casket is a funerary box used to display the body of the deceased during the funeral service, and eventually bury it or get it cremated in a crematorium.

Traditionally, you shall find plain and sober caskets to honor the deceased in a peaceful way. However, shown below are some strange and bizarre coffins for you to explore.

Crazy Coffins

Ballet shoe


Viking boatCrazy Coffins, a subsidiary of Vic Fearn, offers a variety of unusual and bizarre coffins like the Viking Boat coffin, Canal Boat coffin, Yacht coffin, Guitar coffin, Corkscrew coffin, ballet shoe coffin, acupuncture coffin, and so on.


The Capsula Mundi Eco Coffin

Capsuli mundi
Image Credit: www.funeralcommunity.com

It is an egg-shaped biodegradable coffin made of starch and plastic. The body is placed within this capsule in a fetal position and is planted in the ground like a bulb.

In addition, a tree is planted on the surface to mark the grave as a living memorial. The Capsula Mundi burial containers have been designed by two Italian designers in an attempt to remove the taboo associated with death and burial.


Customized geek coffins

Geek coffins
Image Credit: www.makeuseof.com

Although these are image are photoshopped, a company called Creative Coffins actually offers iPhone, Super Nintendo, Vista, Apple, Halo, or GTA4 caskets as per your requirements.


Car-shaped coffin by Cruisin Caskets for those who wish to leave the world in style!

Car shaped coffin
Image Credit: www.odditycentral.com


This is a one-of-a-kind corn-carved coffin designed by Ghanaian Carpenter Paa Joe.

Corn carved coffin
Image Credit: www.trendhunter.com


Fish Fantasy Casket, again by Paa Joe

Fish coffin
Image Credit: oddculture.com


Here is a chocolate-box casket from www.creativecoffins.com.

Chocolate box


Ghana weird caskets

Shoe coffin
Image Credit: gtack.com


Nokia phone casket

Nokia phone coffin
Image Credit: gtack.com


Bible coffin

Bible coffin
Image Credit: midliferocksblog.com


Here’s a weird coffin for cricket lovers. It includes a cricket ball and knocked down wickets as well.

Cricket coffin
Image Credit: www.pagog.com


Great White Shark Coffin

Shark coffin
Image Credit: declubz.com


Frill Neck Lizard Coffin

Weird coffin
Image Credit: www.pagog.com