How To Choose Cremation Jewelry?

People often choose cremation jewelry to preserve the memories of a loved one beautifully by creating a personal memorial that they can keep close to themselves. It is available in numerous cuts, shapes, and styles.

Moreover, it is crafted of a variety of materials such as gold, fine silver, silver sterling, vermeil, brass, platinum, titanium, wood, glass, stainless steel, and so on. The jewelry can further be adorned with pearl, emerald, ruby, sapphire, Swarovski crystals, etc.

Plus, memorial jewelry can be personalized by getting the deceased’s name or a meaningful quote engraved on the item. In addition, you may select a piece with the laser engraved photo of your loved one.

Celtic cremation jewelry

Cremation jewelry is designed to hold a portion of the cremated remains of a deceased (especially when sharing the ashes with the family after scattering), or a lock of hair, crushed petals from funeral flowers, soil from the burial site, etc. It helps you feel your loved one’s presence with you, thereby acting as a source of strength and comfort.

You can even see the cremated remains inside in case you have glass memorial jewelry. Those who are not interested in wearing cremation jewelry can look for keepsake jewelry like key chains. Pendant displays in glass domes are also quite popular as decors for the home.

Besides, cremation jewelry usually includes items like lockets, necklaces, rings, bracelets, photo pendants, cross keepsakes, and so on. Fingerprint funeral jewelry, as the name itself indicates features an impression of a fingerprint.

Moreover, there is the option of turning your loved one’s cremated remains or a lock of hair into a diamond. These cremation diamonds make use of the carbon from the cremation ashes of an individual.

Make you look through a number of designs to help select the perfect piece as each person is unique and hence, needs to be honored in the same way.

So, you can check out different types of cremation or remembrance jewelry available in the shapes of animals, religious symbols, teddy bear, motorcycle, dice, heart-shaped, cylindrical, tear drop, Celtic designs, etc.

cremation jewelry for pet

When choosing memorial jewelry for a pet, you can look for a double chamber pendant to hold your beloved companion’s fur as well as cremated remains in separate compartments. Most pieces are meant to hold a quarter to one teaspoon of the ashes.

In addition, although jewelry is often associated with women, you can still get elegant funeral jewelry for men from a funeral home, jeweler, or at some cremation jewelry store online.

Thus, memorializing a loved one with cremation jewelry serves as an affordable yet dignified way to honor the deceased. Some items may include matching chains or black satin cording, too.

When purchasing cremation jewelry, consider getting the one that is already permanently sealed with the cremation remains inside.

Otherwise, you will have to fill the ashes yourself or get it done by your funeral director. As for cleaning, you can clean the jewelry with the help of a dry jewelry cloth.