11 Odd And Unusual Cremation Urns That You Have Never Seen Before

Cremation urns are usually seen with awe and respect. Nevertheless, some creative souls have come up with wacky ideas and designed unusual cremation urns. They are hardly anything even close to the traditional urns that people generally go for.

You would still enjoy having a look at these weird and bizarre urns for ashes! Plus, those of you who are looking for bold and out-of-the-box ideas for memorializing your loved ones may get some inspiration and encouragement from these urns.

So, here are 11 odd and bizarre cremation urns.

  1. Ghost Urn

    Ghost urns

    Although ghosts are scary, ghost urns deigned by Anna Marinenko are cute and aesthetic. These ghost shaped urns can be a nice eternal resting place for those who have a great sense of humor.

    These time capsule inspired urns with a modern modular design, however, are merely a prototype for now. They are modeled in porcelain as well as metal (silver and gold/bronze tones).

  2. Severed Head Urn

    Severed head urn

    As you can see, this creepy cremation urn is shaped like a severed head. What a unique way to create a personalized urn! It is produced by Cremation Solutions.

    It does not require any complicated procedure on your part like, going for a mould or laser scan of your head. The company just requires a photo of the deceased and makes use of 3D imaging techniques.

    The head created in this way is mounted on a marble base. It is available in two sizes. The full size urn for storing the cremated remains of an adult is about 11 inches in size whereas the keepsake urn measures 6 inches. They shall cost $2,600 and $600 respectively.

  3. Nokia Cell Phone Urn

    Nokia cell phone urn

    This bizarre Nokia Cell Phone Urn was ordered by the parents of a young 15 year old boy to hold his cremated remains. The urn is a replica of Nokia E71 handset, prepared from MDF (medium density fibreboard) mouldings.

  4. Martini Glass Companion Urn


    Here’s a unique and unusual Martini glass companion urn that can be used to store the cremated remains of a loving couple.

    It is made of turned and painted poplar and features a birdseye maple base. You can find this 7-inch high cremation urn at www.vintagecoffins.com.

  5. Sewing Machine Urn

    Sewing Machine urn

    This is an interesting sewing machine custom urn prepared by decorative-urns.com for a retired woman who loved to sew and craft.

    It was ordered by lady herself as she was pre-planning and wanted a beautiful yet meaningful urn for her cremains.

  6. Huggable Urns

    Snow angel teddy bear

    Cremation urns generally create a feeling of uneasiness and awkwardness. However, these scary urns have been turned into cute buddies by Huggable Urns.

    The company has come up with the idea of producing stuffed animal and teddy bear urns that you can hug! Plus, you may accessorize your teddy bear urn with a special blanket or your loved one’s clothing.

    You can even customize your cuddly urn to look just like your pet. Besides, the company also offers soft pillows with lined compartments inside for storing the cremated remains of departed loved ones.

  7. Poetree Funeral Urn


    Poetree is a thoughtful and innovative approach to keep the cremated remains in a biodegradable urn. It includes a biodegradable pot, ceramic ring (to be engraved with the details about the deceased), a cork container and stopper.

    The ashes are supposed to be placed in the urn along with a boxwood tree sapling (provided with the urn). Next, it is to be covered with soil in order to plant a small tree.

    Eventually, as the tree grows, it can be planted outside. The cork container shall decompose on its own, leaving behind the ceramic ring at the top, as a marker. This idea was proposed by a French designer Margaux Ruyant.

  8. Star Trek Cremation Urn

    Star trek urn

    Prepared from 23rd Century stainless steel and wood design, this Star Trek urn featuring Trademark Starfleet Delta Insignia is an incredible way to memorialize a true Star Trek fan.

    Furthermore, it shall serve as a family heirloom for generations. You can find this product at Memorials.com for $597.95. It can hold about 220 cubic inches of ashes.

  9. Diva Handbag Urn

    Diva handbag urn

    Again available at decorative-urns.com at a price of $995, this is a resin handbag urn that can serve as a fitting tribute to a fashionista!

    It has a leather texture and includes a gold-tone zipper. The urn is individually cast. It has a secure threaded opening at the bottom and can hold up to 230 cubic inches of ashes.

  10. Beer/Soda Bottle Toast Keepsake Urn

    Bear bottle keepsake urn

    Created by skilled craftsmen, this smooth bottle urn is another interesting and unusual urn. It is made from hand turned cedar and even has a smell of cedar.

    The keepsake urn can hold about 8 cubic inches of cremated remains or other mementos such as a lock of hair, funeral flower, handkerchief, etc. It is available at In The Light Urns at a price of $39.96.

  11. Motorcycle Cremation Urn – Final Ride

    Motorcycle cremation urn

    Appearance-wise, this urn may not look unique or extraordinary but what if we tell you that you can mount it on a motorcycle, car, truck, motorhome, or even a cruise ship. Yes, you can carry it anywhere! Its cap and side tab are cut from solid steel.

    Moreover, you can customize them so that you can honor the deceased loved one. You can get the plaque on the side tab engraved up to two lines.

    Plus, the cap can be personalized with a commemorative themed disc of your choice. You can find this urn at www.funeral-urn.com, costing $349.99.